Jodi Arias trial: Michigan woman, unable to get seat, offers $200 for one

PHOENIX - Behind the cameras at the Jodi Arias murder trial, another incident is getting national media attention: one woman who traveled from Michigan, unable to get a seat, was offering $200 for one.

"She just wanted to get in really bad," said Desiree Lee, the spectator who accepted the $200 and gave up her seat. "I seriously didn't know I was going to get in trouble."

Once the courtroom staff received word of the transaction, they pulled both Lee and the buyer into a private room and explained that selling and buying seats is not allowed. Lee had to return the money and also lost her place in line, she said.

"I'm a little embarrassed more than anything," Lee told ABC15 moments after an interview with HLN.

Lee usually attends the trial at least twice a week, but says she will now wait several days before returning.

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