Maricopa County Superior Court enacts new policy for citizens who skip jury duty

PHOENIX - The Maricopa County Superior Court has enacted a new policy for citizens who skip jury duty.

Now at least four times a year, the jury office will summon jurors, who failed to appear after receiving multiple summonses.

They will be ordered to pay a fine and complete their jury service at a later date.

The policy is a response to the 44 percent appearance rate of jurors resulting in nearly $100,000 additional costs to tax payers. 

"Jury service is one of the most important civic services we ask the citizens of this state to perform. Jurors are the cornerstone of this country's justice system," Judge Janet Barton said. "However, when potential jurors unilaterally decide not to appear for their scheduled jury service, there is a shortage of jurors and trials may be delayed. The cost to the Court can be substantial, both monetarily and in the administration of justice."

Judge Barton said this new policy will enforce Arizona law by holding persons accountable. 

Superior Court understands how inconvenient jury duty can be and therefore, informs potential jurors usually four weeks in advance and allows them to reschedule.

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