Man who led police on high-speed chase through Phoenix says adrenaline prevented him from stopping

PHOENIX - With shackles around his feet and handcuffs around his wrists, Ryan Tsosie wiped tears from his eyes while describing his decision to steal a car and lead Valley police agencies on a lengthy chase.

"It was the adrenaline, the rush, I don't know how to describe it," said Tsosie, while explaining why he didn't stop during last week's high-speed chase.

Tsosie admits to being behind the wheel of the stolen yellow Honda Civic.

"I found the keys," said Tsosie. 

He said he found the keys on the ground in Tempe near a parking lot and quickly determined which car the keys belonged to.

The 22-year-old said he got in the car and picked up his 19-year-old and 17-year-old cousins.

"I was supposed to drop them off at home," said Tsosie during our interview at the Lower Buckeye Jail.

He said he planned to take his cousins home and ditch the car.

"I was going to leave the car somewhere and the only purpose of using the vehicle was to go home," said Tsosie.

The car was reported stolen out of Tempe and a Phoenix officer spotted it, launching the chase.

"I don't know what I was thinking, it was like I wasn't there, I can't describe it," said Tsosie. 

The pursuit continued north on Interstate 17 and Tsosie said he specifically remembers the moment a Department of Public Safety officer pulled up alongside him at a high rate of speed.

"That's when I took the exit, I was thinking I can't stop, I was just trying to find a designated area," said Tsosie. 

With his cousins in the car, Tsosie took the car on a dirt road, nearly colliding head-on with two trucks.

"I apologize to all those innocent people that had to deal with that," he said. "You know I apologize, it wasn't my intention to do those things."

Eventually, Tsosie said he couldn't navigate the turns on the dirt road.

"I lost control at the last minute," said Tsosie. 

The car crashed into a ditch and Tsosie ran.

"I ran because I didn't know whether the car was going to fall or if it was going to roll off the side," said Tsosie.  "What I would say to people is, think twice before you choose the decisions that you make."

Tsosie faces several charges including car theft, felony flight and several counts of aggravated assault.

The 22-year-old is due in court Wednesday.

His cousins were also charged with car theft.

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