Man paralyzed after scoreboard fell on him returns to Valley to see 4-year-old son for Christmas

PHOENIX - A man paralyzed after a 1,000-pound scoreboard fell on him says about his injury, "You can't let it get you down or you're done."

Robert Griffith returned in a wheelchair from Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado Friday night.

He was rushed to a local hospital back on October 18 after the scoreboard at Monterey Park near 4th Street and Thomas in Phoenix collapsed on him.

The sign belonged to Action Sign and Lighting, according to investigators at the scene.

Griffith and another worker were installing the scoreboard when it fell, pinning Griffith underneath. A passerby was able to help lift the sign off of him.

"I'm doing pretty good," he told ABC15. "I used to be 6'1", now I'm 4'8", so it's quite a bit of change, but other than that, I'm in good spirits. "

Griffith said his doctors expected rehab to take six months, but he did it in two and is now back with his four-year-old son just in time for Christmas.

His family setup an account to help him pay bills and for other financial needs: Wells Fargo Bank, Robert Griffith, Account Number 2831067463

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