Man injured in explosion may have been helping couple move out

PHOENIX - The man who stepped on an explosive device in New River was helping a couple move out their home, according to renters of the property.

On Monday night, Steven Lane stepped on some sort of explosive, that blew off his leg and severely damaged one of his eyes.           

Charles Demauro is a friend of Lane. He says a couple asked Lane to help them move, in exchange for the scrap metal on the property.

"He was just helping a couple move --  a friend asked him to help," said Demauro. "He didn't really know anything about them."

Investigators initially told ABC15 a holding company owns the property and nobody was supposed to be there.

However, Maricopa Sheriff's detectives said Wednesday they have not determined the residential status of those found at the property since the explosion.

 At this time there are no arrests pending and the investigation is still ongoing. 

The victim is still recovering at a local hospital.

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