Lottery winners could soon be anonymous

PHOENIX - Store owner Nancy Pancy wants you to win.

"C'mon winner, winner, chicken dinner!" Nancy exclaimed as she drew another ticket.

She spent the day doling out Powerball tickets for Wednesday night's $260 million jackpot. If she sells a winning ticket, she wants to know about it.

"I really do. When I give people a ticket, I say if you win, make sure you come back and let Nancy Pancy know," she said.

A new bill would keep Nancy, and everyone else from finding out who has a winning ticket.

"This would essentially allow lottery winners in Arizona to remain anonymous if they choose to do so," Karen Bach with the Arizona Lottery said.

Right now, anyone can file a public records request and get winners' names from lottery officials, but the new law would ensure the information remained complete confidential.

Lottery officials said they will still ask if winners want to announce it publicly.

"This could potentially be the best of both worlds where the winner has the choice, and they can decide to remain anonymous or not," Bach said.

The improved privacy sounded good to some.

"I think it should be a private thing if you want it private. Just too many people. Too many people know you all of a sudden," Jim Clough said.

Even if the rest of us don't know, Nancy hopes any future winners tell her.

"We're going to get another winner in this store," she said.

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