Law enforcement increasingly relying on surveillance cameras to make arrests

As investigators in Boston continue to rely heavily on surveillance video for any clues into Monday's bombing at the marathon, law enforcement in the Valley have had success using video to make arrests.

Silent Witness Coordinator Sgt. Darren Burch said more than 200 accused felons were arrested last year in the Valley thanks to pictures, video and sketches released to the media and shown to the public.

In one case, a worker at Valley restaurant pulled out her cell phone and took video of a man stealing cash from the register.

"She had incredible composure. To pull out her phone and literally record the suspect during the commission of this armed robbery without him even knowing it," said Burch.

A short time later, police received a break in the case after someone saw the video on the news.

"In that particular case, a suspect was apprehended. The assistance of this video was absolutely paramount in that case," said Burch.

Just this month, Phoenix police said surveillance video helped identify a man who followed a child onto a school bus with a loaded 9mm magazine.

Burch said showing people by giving them pictures and video to look at is a growing reason why investigators able to solve a lot of their cases.

"Asking the community for the assistance isn't new. What's new is the technology. The technology now is so good and so prevalent that more and more people can assist in these investigations," said Burch.

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