Kindness of a stranger touches a homeless Valley veteran

PHOENIX - The kindness of a stranger is touching the life of a homeless veteran here in Phoenix.

A Valley woman is reaching out to help with more than spare change, and she hopes others will think twice about doing the same.

If you pass by 24th Street and Loop 202, you might just see 66-year-old Ken Yarbrough sitting near the bridge in his wheelchair.

It's an image Cindy Liska couldn't ignore. So she stopped by with warm food and a friendly smile.

"And his eyes just lit up, and he was very grateful for the food. And it touched my heart, that sincerity in him," she said.

Since then, Cindy started checking in on the Vietnam veteran a few times a week. But she soon learned there was one thing food and water couldn't cure.

"He said to say a prayer for him, that he was dying, that he had cancer," she said.

It's something Ken's come to terms with.

"I'm not going to be here a lot longer," he said.

He's been homeless for years and he says the struggle is getting harder every day.

"I'd like to have a normal life like everybody else, you know. A place to live, and food in the refrigerator. The whole thing," he said.

Even his wheelchair can't keep up anymore. It's missing a wheel.

Those struggles have made Ken even more thankful for Cindy.

"I believe in him. I believe that he doesn't want to be here, that he wants to do more," she said.

She showed him even though he's homeless, he's not invisible. And someone out there cares.

"I'm not expecting anything from her. But when she does this, it's something to be grateful for. I am grateful," he said.

Cindy says she's made it her mission to help Ken get a new wheelchair. She's hoping to get him an electric one because he can barely push himself around anymore.

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