Johnathan Doody update: Jury deliberates in 91 Buddhist temple killings

PHOENIX - A jury deliberating the case of a man charged with killing nine people at a Buddhist temple in suburban Phoenix in 1991 has completed its first day of work without reaching a verdict.

The jury considering the charges against 39-year-old Johnathan A. Doody will return Wednesday morning.

Doody's lawyer told jurors they should not believe the key witness against him. But prosecutor Jason Kalish told jurors only Doody and the accomplice who testified against him were responsible and the accomplice told the truth.

Attorney Maria Schaffer told jurors the state made a "deal with the devil" when it offered a plea agreement with Allesandro "Alex" Garcia.

Doody is being re-tried after a federal appeals court threw out his 1993 conviction. Six monks, a nun and two helpers were killed.

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