Johnathan Doody update: Deliberations done for day in temple deaths trial

PHOENIX - Jurors have concluded another day of deliberations in the retrial of a man charged in the 1991 killings of nine people at a suburban Phoenix Buddhist temple.

Court officials say the panel will begin Wednesday with questions from the judge.

Deliberations in the trial of 39-year-old Johnathan A. Doody began Sept. 24, but after less than five days, the judge excused a juror who said the case had become too emotional.

The panel began deliberations anew with an alternate juror on Oct. 3. They then took a break and resumed deliberations on Monday.

Doody was originally convicted in 1993 and sentenced to 281 years in prison for participating in the killings of six monks, a nun and two helpers. An appeals court overturned Doody's conviction in 2011, ruling that he wasn't properly read his rights.

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