Jodi Arias verdict: Nancy Grace arrives in Phoenix to cover trial

PHOENIX - The biggest name in courtroom TV arrived in Phoenix on Friday.

Nancy Grace spent part of Friday afternoon inside the courtroom of the Jodi Arias trial, and said that she and Jodi even shared a moment.

"Jodi Arias and I locked eyes once, and she quickly turned away," said Grace.

If the spectators outside the courthouse love to hate Arias, they love to love Grace.

She smiled and posed for pictures with fans as she made her way to a satellite truck to appear on HLN.

Grace is convinced the jury will find Arias guilty of first degree murder, but is not confidant she'll be sentenced to death.

"We may get a hiccup on the death penalty," she told ABC15.

As for when the jury will return the verdict, Grace expects one soon.

"I don't think they'll be out that long," she said. "I can't pick a day, but I can pick a verdict."

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