Jodi Arias verdict blog updates: Guilty of 1st degree murder in Phoenix trial

All of our updates in the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix as the jury finds her GUILTY of first-degree murder.

4:26 PM: Jodi Arias said in an interview that she would prefer death over life in prison, according to a new report.

3:31 PM: "A few signs outside the courthouse reading #juanmartinez for Governor. Court watcher says it's time to put him in charge of the state," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

3:28 PM: "#jodiarias juror 5 husband told me his wife would have voted for 1st degree with the rest of the jury," tweeted @maryellenabc15. (She was let go in early April.)

3:25 PM: "Deputies say #jodiarias will now appear in court in her jail stripes. NO more civilian clothing now that she's been convicted," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

3:04 PM: "Jodi Arias guilty" buttons already sold on eBay.

2:45 PM: In case you missed it, video of the Jodi Arias verdict is on

2:32 PM: Live coverage on ABC15 will continue until 5:30 p.m.

2:20 PM: Travis Alexander's family releases a statement thanking the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, and says they will be filing a civil wrongful death suit against Jodi Arias in the near future.

2:06 PM: Seven out of the 10 trending topics on Twitter in the U.S. is related to the Jodi Arias trial, according to

2:00 PM: Sentencing phase starts Thursday at 1 p.m.

1:56 PM: "Atty Jennifer Wilmott talking with #jodiarias family," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:54 PM: "#travisalexander family have smiles and tears of relief for #jodiarias verdict," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:53 PM: "People are breaking down in tears as verdict is delivered," tweeted @AdamNewsSlinger.

1:53 PM: "#jodiarias mother crying hard...aunt is consoling her," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:53 PM: "#jodiarias alternate jurors sitting with main jurors. Penalty phase includes aggravation phase tomorrow @ 1 pm," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:50 PM: "#jodiarias grandmother shaking her head #travisalexander family let out a sigh of relief..along with dismissed juror," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:49 PM: Jury finds Arias GUILTY of 1st degree murder.

1:47 PM: Verdict is about to be read.

1:40 PM: "@AMYABC15 has interview w/ Donavan Bering (Arias' friend) coming in -- she told #abc15 #jodiarias is ready for whatever the verdict is...hope to air soon," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:40 PM: Verdict was expected at 1:30 p.m. but nothing yet.

1:38 PM: "#jodiarias jurors 5, 8 & 11 all in courtroom -- wonder if they'll tell us how they would vote. Juror 11 in bright orange city of PHX shirt," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:37 PM: "Crowd chanting 'justice for Travis'," tweeted ABC15's @AdamNewsSlinger.

1:33 PM: "Add'l security arrives to court #jodiarias courtroom...some in suits," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:29 PM: "#Alexander friend Brint Hiatt tells us he is hopeful. #arias" tweeted ABC15 producer @JenniferSpantak.

1:23 PM: "#jodiarias juror 5 removed early April for misconduct... defense claimed she made bias comments 2 other jurors," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:22 PM: "#jodiarias juror 5 in courtroom," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:21 PM: "Media in court since day 1 #jodiarias trial (Jan. 2) get priority seating... that would be me #abc15... follow me 4 tweets coverage!" tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:10 PM: "#jodiarias friends Ann Campbell and Donavan Bering with Arias family," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:09 PM: "#jodiarias family arriving to court room," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:02 PM: "#travisalexander sisters Tanisha and Samantha just walked into courtroom..." tweeted @maryellenabc15.

1:01 PM: "Security just doubled near 5th floor elevators..and #jodiarias courtroom," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:49 PM: "Less than an hour from verdict @ 1:30pm. ..A mixture of relief and anxious nerves on the 5th floor #jodiarias courtroom," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:48 PM: "Kathy Monkman and Jake Orbin who both had family members murdered are here to support #travisalexander family through #jodiarias verdict," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:44 PM: "#jodiarias security just announced only media and family allowed by courtroom. #travisalexander friends remain mixed in," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:43 PM: "#jodiarias security moving everyone back from courtroom -- needing to make a walkway for family and attys," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:39 PM: "#jodiarias 5th floor is packed -- not sure how they will fit so many close friends and media in courtroom -- heading now to line up," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:39 PM: "#travisalexander friends Sky & Chris Hughes have arrived for #jodiarias verdict," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:38 PM: "#travisalexander closest circle of guy friends now arriving...including Taylor Searle and Aaron Dewey for #jodiarias verdict," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:34 PM: "The 5th floor is filling up with media, spectators, friends ... #jodiarias courtroom has not opened," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:33 PM: "Under 1st deg murder #jodiarias jurors will go thru another mini trial to decide if killing was cruel..then penalty; life or death," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:33 PM: "If #jodiarias jurors come back with any of the 1st degree murder verdicts -- this is not over. 2 more phases - aggravation and penalty," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:31 PM: jurors have 5 options, 1st degree premed, 1st deg felony, 2nd degree, manslaughter and Not Guilty," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:16 PM: "Prelim court: #jodiarias jurors deliberated 15 hrs and 5 min," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:10 PM: "Travis Alexander family supporters arriving 2 #jodiarias courtroom .. Tuesday they were tense -- actually let out a huge breath moments ago," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

12:02 PM: "All was quiet on 5th floor when email came through to all from court officials announcing a verdict for sign of it coming," tweeted @maryellenabc15.

11:52 AM: @CoreyABC15 is tweeting photos from the courthouse.

11:43 AM: "Crowd gathering at courthouse as news of #JodiArias verdict spreads," tweeted @CoreyABC15.

11:41 AM: "Several #jodiarias jurors left jury room with security. No expressions. Verdict will be read at 1:30 p.m." tweeted @maryellenabc15.

11:30 AM: It's announced that jury reaches a verdict in the Jodi Arias trial. The verdict will be read at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Arias is charged with first-degree murder in the June 2008 death of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in his Mesa home.

The 4-month trial has cost nearly $1.7 million so far.

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