Jodi Arias verdict: Jodi Arias designs T-shirts to raise money for victims of domestic violence

PHOENIX - Jurors in the Jodi Arias trial will continue their deliberations on Monday morning, but in the meantime, Arias is busy raising money for a special cause.

The accused killer is doing it through Twitter, from behind bars.

It's a project Arias hinted about last week and while she didn't unveil what she was working on from behind bars, we know she's selling T-shirts to raise money for domestic violence victims.

You can buy them in black or white and they have the word "Survivor" written on the front.

The shirts will benefit the Long Beach Women's Shelter and Reach Beyond Domestic Violence.

On Friday she also tweeted, "Just the friendly FYI,:I am NOT profiting from my artwork: But it seems like everyone else is."

The same day another painting was posted on her website,, and it's going for $3,000.

The money for her artwork is going to help keep her family in town during her trial.

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