Jodi Arias update: Prosecution wants judge to deny defense request to push back trial

PHOENIX - Prosecutors in the Jodi Arias case have filed a motion asking the judge to deny the defense's request to delay the trial.

In a motion filed this week, Juan Martinez objected to Arias' defense teams request "to continue the Penalty Phase proceedings . . . until January of 2014."

ABC15 first reported that Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott filed a motion in hopes of pushing back the penalty phase until January 2014 because of scheduling conflicts and because of the possibility Arias' might want to call witnesses during the retrial of her sentencing phase.

In his motion, Martinez responded: "Neither reason warrants a continuance of the proceedings until the first part of next year. Therefore, the court should deny defendant's request and should instead set trial in the penalty phase for July 30, 2013. This date will accommodate defense counsel's "out of office" commitments as well as defendant's desire to call witnesses."

A judge could announce her ruling during a status conference scheduled for June 20 .

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