Jodi Arias update: Judge denies request for jurors' Twitter information

PHOENIX - A judge in the Jodi Arias trial ruled Wednesday that all jurors will not be required to provide their social media account information to the court.

The ruling filed Wednesday morning states there is no lawful basis for the court to monitor jurors without credible allegation that misconduct has occurred. 

The ruling comes after Arias' attorneys wanted Judge Sherry Stephens to compel jurors in her penalty phase retrial to reveal their Twitter account information so the accounts could be monitored to make sure they aren't communicating about the case.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez called it an invasion of juror privacy.

"Requiring jurors to provide Twitter account information would not limit or reduce in any meaningful way the possibility that a juror will be exposed to extraneous information about the case," the ruling said.

Arias was convicted of murder in May in the 2008 death of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in his Mesa home. The same jury failed to agree on her sentence, setting the stage for a second penalty phase.

Judge Stephens is banning live television coverage of Arias' sentencing phase retrial as prosecutors again seek the death penalty.

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