Jodi Arias trial update: Woman supports family of victim Travis Alexander

PHOENIX - A woman with a dark past similar to murder victim Travis Alexander's family is reaching out to help them afford to stay in the courtroom.

Kathy Monkman's sister Cindy was murdered in 1988. Monkman said she's been through the same pain as the family of Alexander.

"They were both 30 when they were killed," Monkman said. "They both attracted very evil people who killed them in a very similar way. My sister was killed almost identically to the manner in which Travis was killed."

Monkman's past sparked her current relationship with the Alexanders; something she documents online every day in the popular criminal case forum she writes.

To keep the Alexanders financially able to keep attending the trial of their brother's murderer, Jodi Arias, Monkman turned to loyal online friends and her tens of thousands of followers.

She's now swamped with donations.

"People are sending me money, and gift cards and gifts" Kathy said. "They are literally sending them to my home address. When I come to court, almost every time I come I'm handing them something."

Monkman said every little bit will help the Alexanders.

"I remember going through our trials which were more like three weeks, not four or five months," she said. "I was trying to juggle a full-time job and head down to court and do all that. You feel like you really have to be in court, for many reasons, you feel like you have to be there, not only for your own personal reasons, but also for the system. The jury needs to see them there."

If you want to see the "view from inside" the Jodi Arias trial through the forum Monkman writes, visit

Donations to Travis Alexander's family can be made through PayPal under the account:

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