Jodi Arias trial update: Juror kicked off trial issues statement

PHOENIX - The juror kicked off the Jodi Arias trial Tuesday issued her first statement to ABC News on Wednesday.

The statement reads:

In the past few days I have been a part of discussion and interest in the murder trial case of Jodi Arias. For the past three months I have been fulfilling my duty as one of the jurors in the case of Jodi Arias.  Jodi Arias' attorneys have filed a motion asking for a mistrial or that Juror 5 is removed from the jury, which led to my removal.

As a juror that has been removed from the jury, I would like to remind everyone that the murder trial case of Jodi Arias is still going on and that the time and money being invested in this trial are more relevant and important than my removal from the jury.

Until the verdict in murder trial case of Jodi Arias is reached I will not make any statements or give any interviews regarding my removal from the jury.  I believe that the attention should be focused on the actual trial. I would ask from everyone to please respect my privacy and the privacy of my family.

Removed Juror # 5 in the murder trial case of Jodi Arias

The judge in the case dismissed the juror after Arias' defense team filed a motion claiming the juror made statements in front of other jurors.

Details about what was allegedly said have been sealed.

Arias' attorneys claimed Juror 5 was neither fair nor impartial at this point, making "her removal from the jury essential" to ensure Arias' rights.

ABC15 first reported the judge in the case received a prior complaint about Juror 5 in February.

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