Jodi Arias trial: Juror gives statement to ABC15 after being released from jury

PHOENIX - ABC15 has now confirmed a man arrested over the weekend on a DUI charge was the most recent juror dismissed in the Jodi Arias trial.

According to Gilbert police, Daniel Gibb was arrested on Saturday and told the arresting officer he was a member of the jury.

On Tuesday, the officer was called into a "sealed proceeding" with the judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorneys.

What was discussed in the secret meeting is confidential.

Two days later, juror #8 was dismissed and the judge gave no reason.

Gibb gave ABC15 a statement saying: "It was a privilege to know the other jurors and I will miss them. It was actually a great experience. Thank you for respecting my privacy."

Neighbors tell ABC15 Gibb and his wife informed them he was on the jury, but Gibb followed court orders and never spoke about the case.

Herman Weiner, a family friend, said while Gibb proudly served on the jury, Gibb's wife hinted the restrictions of the trial had an impact on the family.

"She'd be like I'm glad when this will be over. My husband will be back to the family, I'm happy this will be over pretty soon," said Weiner.

It turns out; Gibb left the trial earlier than expected when the judge dismissed him from the case on Thursday.

"You know he could have two schools of thought. He could be like I put so much into this I'd like to see this to the end or he could be like what a relief. I get back to my normal way of life right now," said Weiner.

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