Jodi Arias trial, interrogation tapes: Parents strongly believe she had mental problems

PHOENIX - In the recently released interrogation tapes, Jodi Arias's parents really open up about the personal details only parents could know.

Police interrogated them in July 2008, the day Arias was arrested and accused of murdering her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

From the interviews, it's apparent Bill and Sandra Arias strongly believe Jodi suffered from severe mental illness.

POLICE: How are you doing? You doing OK? 
SANDRA: Not good. No.
POLICE: As good as can be expected, I guess, huh?
SANDRA: I feel like I'm going to puke.  

POLICE: Did you have any suspicion at all that she had anything to do with his death?
SANDRA: I asked her. I asked her. That's the first thing I ask her. Did you go to Arizona? She said, no, I was nowhere near Arizona and I have gas receipts and everything to prove it. That's all she would say.

BILL: She said I can't tell you what's going on, but all I know is I got to leave. I go, why? She goes, I might get blamed for something. I go, what? She goes, I can't tell you.

SANDRA: Why would she do something like that? She just snap or what? I don't know and how could she come back here and be normal? And then when her friends called her and told her he died she totally freaked out like she knew nothing about it.  

POLICE: Were you ever concerned she would hurt herself?  
SANDRA: Yes, a lot.
BILL: She called me and started yelling, and I said, you know, have you ever thought of yourself as being bi-polar? Oh my God, she cried hysterically and then she called back and I hung up on her and she called up and kept calling and kept calling and kept calling until I could tell her, no, I'm just kidding.

Arias is accused of killing Alexander in his Mesa home in June 2008. She has claimed it was in self-defense.

She could face a death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder.

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