Jodi Arias trial: How will it finally end?

PHOENIX - The Jodi Arias trial resumes on Wednesday and legal analysts say everything from first degree murder to manslaughter is on the table, including the possibility that she could still walk free.

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"If she walks, I would not be the least bit surprised," said criminal defense attorney Vladimir Gagic.

Gagic told ABC15 that although the possibility exists for Arias to be found not guilty on all counts, he predicts the jury will find her guilty of manslaughter, and the defendant will be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

"I think the prosecutor did a terrible job," he said. "They never had premeditation in the bag."

Arias is accused of murdering her lover, Travis Alexander, back in 2008. She says she killed him self-defense, a claim prosecutors argue is a lie.

"The most likely verdict is going to be a first degree murder verdict," said criminal defense attorney Marc Victor. "If they beat the death penalty, it's a win for the defense."

Victor expects Arias to be sentenced to life in prison.

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