Jodi Arias trial: Accused murderer called police offering to 'help' in their murder case

PHOENIX - The murder trial of a woman accused of brutally murdering her former boyfriend wrapped up its second day of testimony Thursday.

On June 4, 2008, Jodi Arias allegedly stabbed Travis Alexander 27 times, cut his throat and shot him in the head.

Her defense attorneys told jurors she was forced to kill Alexander in self defense.

But the prosecution said beyond the sweet façade is a cold-blooded murderer.

Prosecutors played for the jury a taped phone conversation between Arias and Mesa homicide detective Estaban Flores.

Flores testified that Arias contacted him about the case.

Det. Flores: "Hey Jodi, this is Detective Flores with the Mesa Police Department."

Arias: "Oh are you?"

Det. Flores: "Good. I got a message from one of my patrol officers that you needed to talk to me about something?"

Arias: "Well I just wanted to offer any assistance, I was a really good friend of Travis' and I...don't know a lot of anything."

Det. Flores: "What have you heard so far?"

Arias: "I heard that he… passed away.  I don't know. I heard all kinds of rumors that there was a lot of blood. I heard that his roommate found him,  people were ... I'm sorry ... I'm upset."

Arias continues: "I heard nobody has been able to get a hold of him for about a week.

In the phone conversation, Arias asks Flores if he knows how Alexander was killed, and what weapons were used.

Flores tells Arias he can't say, but goes on to question her about any weapons.

Det. Flores: "Do you know if he had any weapons at the house?" 

Arias: "Uhm…his two fists."

Arias goes on to tell Flores that Alexander had a punching bag.

Arias: "He's like, 'I love beating the crap out of my punching bag.'"

Flores told Arias people were not saying nice things about her. 

Alexander's friends painted her as a stalker and said she would get into Alexander's Facebook and email accounts.

Arias replied that she and Alexander had trust issues and swapped passwords as a way to re-build their relationship.

On cross examination Thursday, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi brought up emails sent between the couple.

Court records show there were 82,000 emails sent back and forth.

But Nurmi wanted the jury to see Alexander as an abuser, and Arias as the true victim.

"Do you remember seeing emails in which Mr. Alexander referred to Miss Arias as a slut? As a whore?" Nurmi asked.

"Yes," replied Flores.

The questioning then went back to prosecutor Juan Martinez who wanted to clarify why Alexander had referred to Arias in such slanderous terms.

"You read that email and responded to the defense didn't you? Any knowledge you have comes from that email? What did that email say? Why was he upset?" Martinez asked Flores.

The defense objected to Martinez's questioning.

The prosecution is asking for the death penalty in the high-profile case.

The trial will resume on Tuesday.

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