Jodi Arias 'Survivor' shirt sickening says domestic violence victim

PHOENIX - Jodi Arias' claims that she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense have set actual domestic violence victims back ten years, according to one abuse survivor.

"Travis was the victim of domestic violence," said Leah Pettyjohn, a domestic violence survivor. "He ended up the ultimate victim when his ex-girlfriend murdered him."

Pettyjohn escaped a dangerous relationship and now advocates for other victims. She does not believe that Arias, now a convicted murderer, was an abused woman.

"To stand there in court with a 'Survivor' shirt, it's sickening," Pettyjohn told ABC15.

Arias told the jurors that, if spared the death penalty, she would sell her "Survivor" shirts to help DV victims.

Pettyjohn said one word describes her emotions when she saw Arias hold the shirt up for the jury: anger.

"I thought, how dare you claim to have any intention of helping someone else when you did something so horrific to someone."

Pettyjohn said anyone who is in an abusive relationship needs to call police and get help immediately.

Victims can contact for The National Domestic Violence Hotline for help.

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