Jodi Arias trial: Jodi Arias scrutinized for taking pill, notebook on defense table

PHOENIX - As the Jodi Arias trial continues, every move she makes tends to be scrutinized and put under the microscope.

This week, two things Arias did had people on social media worked up and talking heads on cable news questioning her behavior in the courtroom.

Earlier this week, it looked like Arias slyly grabbed a notebook while sitting at the defense table and sat on it.

ABC15 took a closer look at it and discovered the notebook never actually left the table, and instead was blocked from the camera's view by a computer monitor sitting on the table.

However, a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, who is in charge of monitoring defendants in court, said even if Arias took the folder she may have been allowed with her.

"Anything that relates to her court case she has control over. She can take. We will search it but can take it," said MCSO Sgt. Brandon Jones.

Jones said Arias is also searched before and after court daily.

Video of Arias taking a pill in the courtroom also had people wondering what she was taking and if she was allowed to take it.

Jones said federal privacy laws prohibit him from disclosing what medication Arias took but added she is authorized to have it.

"As to why she's taking it, I can't comment on it but she does have some medical reason as to why CHS [Correctional Health Services] has authorized her to bring that to the courtroom," said Jones.

Late Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for Maricopa County Superior Court told ABC15 Arias will no longer take medication in the courtroom but did not give an explanation for the change.

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