Jodi Arias jail cell VIDEO: Inside look at Estrella Jail

ABC15 was the only station to get video of Jodi Arias as she arrived back at jail Thursday after an emotional day in court.

Arias was wearing a black and white striped jail jumpsuit, and was surrounded by about half a dozen armed sheriff deputies when she got out of the vehicle.

She was then taken to her jail cell, B403.


The cell is small and cluttered.

Lotion, newspaper clippings, and a picture of a cat sat on top of a metal table inside her cell when she returned Thursday.

Arias had newspapers, paper bags, magazines and books on the floor.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Arias is kept in the cell 23 hours a day. In the one hour she's allowed out, Arpaio said Arias showers and makes phone calls.


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