Jodi Arias headstand video: Arias does headstand, sings in interrogation room

Jodi Arias has been seen in a number of compromising positions during her lengthy murder trial , but just-released video shows the 32-year-old in a new light.

Video from shows Arias, after being left alone in an interrogation room in July 2008, doing a headstand and singing to herself.

The footage also shows her going through a garbage can in the small room, and talking to herself, muttering, "You should have at least done your makeup Jodi, gosh."

Watch the video in the player embedded below.

According to , the video has not been shown to the jury in Arias' murder trial as it has been deemed too prejudicial.

Arias just came off an 18-day stretch on the witness stand testifying about the details of Travis Alexander's 2008 death.

Trial resumes Monday with an evidentiary hearing at 10:15 a.m.

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