Indiana woman reunited with dog found in Phoenix

PHOENIX - An Indiana woman was reunited with her stolen dog after a Phoenix animal shelter contacted her earlier this month.

Jennifer Koczan, of South Bend, Ind., never expected to see her Rottweiler, Sasha, again.

The dog went missing from Koczan's home in 2008.

But a few weeks ago, the Arizona Humane Society called Koczan with news someone turned in Sasha at their Phoenix facility.

The AHS used a microchip to track down Koczan.

Koczan called some friends in Casa Grande who offered to pick Sasha up.

While Koczan was contacting people she knew, she came across Kindred Hearts Transport Connection.

The group posted a message on their Facebook page, asking for volunteers from across the U.S. to make this reunion happen, wrote ABC News.

With the help of 17 volunteers, Sasha took off on a road trip on Aug. 10. She made it to South Bend in eight days.

Koczan credits the AHS for taking the time to check Sasha for a microchip and then reaching out to Koczan.

"They bent over backwards for me to hold on to her so I could get her picked up to get her home. I have no words to express my gratitude," said Koczan.

"This is an awesome outcome. This is how it should work no matter if it's 10 or 15 states away," said Bretta Nelson, spokesperson for the AHS.

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