Independent artists Jessica Campbell and Sara Beth Go live their dream

PHOENIX - Most musicians wait for the day when one of the major record labels sign them up. That can mean tours, T-shirts, fame and fortune.

But for some artists, like singer/songwriters Jessica Campbell and Sara Beth Go, life as an independent artist is exactly where they want to be.

"There are things that would be beneficial as far as taking the load off," says Campbell. "Because we do everything needed to make this work."

A major label also means a crew, transportation, and someone to take care of all the details. When asked where their crew was, Sara motioned to the two of them and replied, "You're looking at it!"

Campbell went on to say, "It leaves us a lot of leeway to be creative and you can do anything. You're not always having to report to someone, you just have to report to yourself, which can be a blessing."

In regards to all that hard work being done by 'just them,' Campbell explains, "We're doing what we love, so that makes it easier."

The last night of their tour, which they called, "The Desert Tour," wrapped up at a house party in Litchfield Park.

"As songwriters our goal is to reach people with our songs. We write about our lives and our experiences," says Campbell. "What's so cool is when it connects with somebody else's story."

That's what makes house parties a favorite venue for them to play.

"There was this guy I met in Santa Fe who said, 'Everybody is looking for something to be moved by, beyond the trap of themselves,'" said Sara Beth Go. "We're all kinda trapped in our skin, and this lets us take this moment to move you, the listener, out of your world."

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