Immigration reform: Valley divided on immigration proposal

People around the Valley had very mixed reactions to the new immigration reform plan announced by senators Monday.

Immigration activists say the bipartisan proposal is a step in the right direction.

Many watched intently as a group of eight senators announced the new plan.

"We are surprised they were able to come to the table and tackle this issue so quickly," Jerssay Arredondo, said about the proposal.

Arredondo is among the thousands of undocumented people living in Arizona. He crossed the border with his family when he was just three. He's in the process of getting deferred action. He likes how the plan defines what will happen to people who qualify for deferred action and farm workers, but he is worried about his family.

"Many families are left out like my mom and dad. What's going to happen to them?" asked Arrendondo.

While a number of people in the Valley feel the proposal for immigration reform is a step in the right direction, others are torn on the issue.

"I would like to see again immigration become the process of going through what all our immigrants have done in the past in America to become a citizen," said Sandra Howell.

"Tell them if they want to come back, they have to do it the right way. We will give you the opportunity, but do it the right way and I won't have a problem with it," said Larry Goodwin.

"I absolutely disagree with amnesty just across the board, especially the way they're taking it," said Mesa resident Bill Norton.

Norton is supportive of a solution, but feels the government's push for change is coming too late.

"It's pretty difficult when you have a federal government that has not adhered to the rule of law for the last 25 years when it comes to border security. So when it comes to solutions it's a tough one," said Norton.

While opinions differed, there was one thing both sides had in common.

They are concerned about how this will affect their tax dollars and the future of jobs in the United States.

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