Jodi Arias trial: Image consultant says Valley woman uses 'best tricks' to portray innocence

PHOENIX - Jodi Arias' hair to her makeup, and even choice of clothing color is pivotal to portraying innocence, according to image consultant and makeup artist Devy Walker.

Arias is  accused of stabbing  her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 27 times, cutting his throat and shooting him in the head after an afternoon of sex.

"She used to look like a little doll, a little sex kitten with that long blonde hair. Now she looks about twelve," said Walker.

Arias' appearance has transformed since the murder of her boyfriend. From a blonde with makeup and form-fitting clothes, to now to a brunette, with bangs, glasses and hardly any makeup. Arias had her hair pinned back with a little barrette which caught Walker's attention.

"The barrette yesterday (Monday) blew my mind. I haven't seen a woman in a barrette in a long time and now she has completely transformed that into trying to look like a child, which is exactly what her lawyers would want," Walker said.

Arias has been seen in a variety of different colored blouses, including black when she first took the stand in her defense on Monday. Her second day of taking the stand, she wore what Walker said is the color of innocence.

"It didn't surprise me she chose baby blue. With all of the illusion that they're trying to set of her being you know, a young victim, helpless, I expected they'd put her in a soft color, like baby pink or baby blue," Walker said.

On Tuesday, Arias took the stand with her hair down, and dark-rimmed glasses; many pinning her as looking like a librarian with the entire ensemble. Walker said the glasses are an important accessory in the role she's trying to portray.

"Glasses are a way for someone to hide. There's a lot that can be said nonverbally with the eyes so I feel like the glasses are just a way for her to have a little bit of protection against what she's being accused of," Walker said.

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