How to apply for Obamacare despite website glitches

PHOENIX - President Obama admitted Monday there are big problems with the Affordable Care Act online application process.

Some of the biggest complaints include: trouble logging in, error messages and long waits. But, there's no telling how long these problems will last while the December 15 deadline is quickly approaching.

However, users can get around the technical issues by filling out a seven page paper application. Downloaded the paper application at

Filling out the online application can be tedious. Users should expect to spend about 45 minutes of entering data, answering various prompts to verify your identity and finally selection a healthcare option.  While the Affordable Car Act defines only four categories of plans, there are about 80 options to pick from. But, if you logout to do some research, good luck logging back in.  That's one of the technical glitches that the government is hoping to fix.

Ironically there is one benefit to the online fiasco.  You can avoid all of the aforementioned annoyances if you use the paper application. Alan Leafman with Health Insurance Express said there are rumors the paper application will take 6 to 8 weeks to process, which would put you at the December 15th deadline. Leafman said this entire mess could spell trouble for the Affordable Care Act.

"If we don't get large numbers of people insured in the public marketplace, depending on the makeup of those who do get through and the claims experiences, it could be in for massive rate increases in the following year or the whole thing could implode," Leafman said.

Three weeks after open enrollment started, Leafman said he has only seen one person get through the entire application process.

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