Horse abandoned at Arizona Humane Society

PHOENIX - Workers at the Arizona Humane Society found a 900 pound surprise when they showed up to work on Tuesday morning.

"Having a horse when we arrive at work is just not something we've ever encountered," said AHS spokesperson Bretta Nelson.

Someone left the horse outside with no note or heads up.

"Dogs and cats are sometimes left on our front door, but this case was a little different," said Nelson.

Dr. Richard Fisher, a veterinarian who looked over the 20-year-old horse, said it appears the horse has issues with her eyes, teeth and hooves.

Instead of paying for the care of the aging animal, AHS workers think the horse's owner may have chose to just abandon her.

"People sometimes find themselves in a bind and they don't know what else to do," said Nelson.

Fisher said the horse is probably feeling a little pain and discomfort but added it can be treated.

He pointed out the horse has fared far better than others.

"Some redemption on this is the owner obviously cared enough so that they just didn't turn her loose and let her die of dehydration and starvation in the desert. At least they had a good enough heart that they were hoping someone would take care of her and the good news is someone will. We'll find a rescue group," said Fisher.

The AHS is not equipped to care for horses so it relies on horse rescue groups if a horse is ever turned over to them.

Nelson encouraged struggling homeowners to reach out to equine rescue groups if they're thinking about giving up their horse.


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