Gun shop owners say discount websites are pulling gun safety class deals

PHOENIX - Online discount websites are pulling any deals related to guns.

A Valley gun shop owner told us his deals were pulled the day the Newtown, Conn. shooting happened.

Dale Roddy with Desert Valley Firearms said he posted a discount deal on gun safety classes on Livingsocial and one week before the shooting happened.

"We want to prevent these accidental shootings. In 2008, about 700 people were killed from accidental gunfire. If people understand how to handle a gun, that number would decrease," said Roddy.

Roddy said he received letters from both online deal companies, saying they pulled all ads because it wasn't appropriate considering the circumstances.

Roddy said he still plans on offering the deal, despite the resistance from online companies.  

"I'm not promoting guns, just gun safety," said Roddy.

The class is offered at $100, but with the discount it is just $39.

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