Greyhound bus attack: Inmate Maquel Morris apologizes to dozens injured in crash

PHOENIX - A prison inmate is telling his side of the story after police say he attacked a Greyhound bus driver and caused a crash that sent two dozen people to the hospital.

25-year-old Maquel Morris denied being on drugs, which is what his girlfriend told police. But, he did admit to doing meth four days before the crash happened.

There were more than 40 people on board the Greyhound bus early Thursday morning. Witnesses say Morris punched the bus driver and threatened to flip over the bus. 

Officials said the driver and passengers got control of Morris and stopped the bus just six feet from oncoming traffic on the I-10, near Tonopah, about 50 miles west of Phoenix. 

More than 24 people were hurt, three of whom had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Morris says he feels sorry for what happened, "Yeah, I do, for the people that were hurt, yes. I apologize."

Morris broke down in tears several times during our interview. He says he never touched the bus driver and wants police to watch the video recorded inside the bus. He says it will prove he did nothing wrong.

"Talk to everyone I encounter," he says. "They'll tell you Maquel, he's a good guy. He's not no problem causing guy. He's a down to earth guy, calm talking, he's not a problem. I never gave anyone trouble."

Morris admits to breaking down the door between the passengers and the bus driver on the Greyhound bus. He says it was because he really wanted to get off. But, he struggled to explain what he did or why he did it. 

At the very least, it's clear his version of the story is very different from what witnesses and police say happened. 

Police have been given a recording of what really went on inside the bus.

At this time, they say Morris is facing some pretty serious charges.

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