Government shutdown: Valley immigration cases delayed, stressing clients after government shuts down

PHOENIX - It's been a week since the government went into shutdown mode after congressional leaders failed to reach an agreement on the federal budget.

The shutdown has disrupted many federal agencies, including immigration services, right here in the Valley.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are open and continue to process immigration paperwork. However, the shutdown is causing certain immigration-related court cases to be halted.

"These are people who have been waiting for proceedings for years, so those hearings have been cancelled," said Ayensa Millan, an attorney who focuses on immigration cases.

Non-emergency deportation cases or cases involving those who wish to seek asylum in the United States are being delayed.

Millan said she has three cases scheduled this month and it's frustrating and heartbreaking to have to tell clients that they may have to wait even longer.

 "The courts here in Phoenix are for people who were able to get out of custody on a bond, but they still don't know what's going to happen," said Millan.

Millan said her hands are tired, however, she is telling her clients to remain patient.


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