Government shutdown update: Brewer says Arizona can't afford to bail out fed government

PHOENIX - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer called her cabinet together Monday and told them to ready a budget plan in the event of a federal shutdown.

Brewer told cabinet members she'll listen to any ideas that include funding to help keep the Grand Canyon open in the event of a shutdown, but she would only approve one that's financially responsible.

Brewer said the Grand Canyon is important to Arizona but finding emergency funding might not be.

"I don't know if the Grand Canyon is a priority for the state of Arizona. We have a lot of other priorities out there like our national guardsmen and children and people that will be hurting desperately if we don't get something done."

Spokesman for the Governor's office, Andrew Wilder, tells ABC15 it is not interested in dipping into the state's rainy day fund to keep any federal offices open. He wouldn't specify how long the state could withstand a closure of federal offices without contributing funds.

Following a meeting with her cabinet, Governor Brewer also pointed out she does not back the President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

She wouldn't comment on whether it should be de-funded, only that both sides need to give in to so federal funds are appropriated.

"It's unfortunate that everyone down there, including the President and Congress, that they can't come together and come up with a plan that works." Brewer said. "In government we work under the theory that you've got to compromise."

Brewer said Obamacare is confusing no matter when it starts and encouraged Arizonans to look online and learn how it will affect them.

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