Freezing weather in the Valley catches some off-guard

PHOENIX - Despite the forecast temperatures some in the Valley were still a bit unprepared.

Andrew Donnelly walked to work early Saturday morning near Sky Harbor.

"I was waiting at the bus and I actually slipped on ice!," he said."I thought it was puddle but I slipped on black ice."

Around 4:20 a.m. the temperatures at the airport measured at 29 degrees.    

"I don't like the cold," said Grayson Flietz. "It hurts my hands when I'm raking."

Grayson and several others started working outside around 8:00 a.m. volunteering at Christ Cares Clinic in Central Phoenix.  

"It doesn't feel so bad when you are working," said Faith Mueller who was also volunteering by working on the landscape.

Meanwhile a few out of towners felt right at home.

"It is a bit warm," joked Trevor Rodde who is in town with a group of students from Michigan.

"We wished it was a bit warmer like in the 60s but we're used to it," he said.

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