Former Danny's Family Car Wash employees say company violated labor rights

PHOENIX - Former Danny's Family Car Wash employees are shining a light for us on what they call labor violations by the company.

Just days after federal agents raided several locations for immigration fraud, identity theft and financial violations, they're speaking out.

Brian Davis worked at Danny's Family Car Wash three years ago. As a manager, it was his responsibility to clock employees in and out.

"At times, we could clock them in for 15 minutes. They'd be off for the rest of the day, work an hour or two hours and then clock them in for another 15 minutes," he said.

Davis says under bosses orders employees were forced to sit around on property waiting for it to get busy before they were allowed to clock in.

"They had to be on the property, so they could find them, so they could go to work when needed," Davis said.

Several former employees say the company made workers come in for eight to 12 hour shifts and sometimes they walked away with only a few hours on their paycheck.

"They had mentioned that it wasn't a violation, that they were allowed to do it, so I didn't take it much further than that," Davis said.

Jenny Bernal worked at Danny's for eight years. As an illegal immigrant, she says the company gave her someone else's identification. That's why she and dozens of others were detained over the weekend.

She says she was not always allowed to clock in at work. One year, she says she depended solely on her tips, without any hourly wages.

She says she also worked a full day, and wasn't paid for it in one case.

If employees were forced to wait around without clocking in or went without wages owed to them, labor attorneys say it would be against the law.

Davis believes this should be the end for the car wash.

"Obviously he's not going to become legitimate. So personally I hope they shut him down," he said.

Danny's Family Car Wash had no comment.

Any employees who think they may have experienced labor violations can report them to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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