Flight canceled after pilot goes missing

US Airways flight 298 never got off the ground after the plane's captain went missing.

The plane's co-pilot broke the news over the plane's intercom system to the 175 passengers who had already boarded the flight to Charlotte, NC.

"He apologized and said that he'd never seen an instance, in all of his time working for an airline, where the captain went missing and they didn't know how to get in touch with him or how to contact him or even where he went," said passenger Aliera Peterson.

Peterson said that led everyone to wonder what happened to him.

"We were wondering did he go out and get drunk and just forget to show up, did he have a medical emergency that he took care of and went to the hospital?" said Peterson.

The speculation then turned to anger for those on board.

"We had a couple of very distraught people that were missing connecting flights especially for international flights so I know there were a couple of people trying to get to Europe for a trip. We had a bride on our plane that was just trying to get to the site of where she was going for her actual wedding and running late for that so I think she actually missed the rehearsal," said Peterson.

A US Airways spokesperson confirmed to ABC15 the captain missed the flight because he misread his schedule.

The airline rebooked flights for the passengers and provided a hotel voucher for those who needed one.

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