Man dies in Phoenix apartment fire

PHOENX - Fire officials say a man was killed Sunday morning when his Phoenix apartment went up flames.

Phoenix Fire Department spokesman Tony Mure said the fire happened around 10:45 a.m. at the Palm Garden apartment complex near 14th Street and Maryland.

Officials said the fire started in a single level apartment in the back of the complex. Witnesses told firefighters they heard an explosion and then saw smoke and flames.

Firefighters said after they put out the fire, crews discovered a deceased person in the main room of the apartment.

Neighbors believe the victim is an elderly male who lives in the apartment. They said the man was wheelchair bound, a smoker and used oxygen.

"There were big flames and thick black smoke," said resident Martha Doheny. "It's going to be tough for us because he (the victim) was very sweet."

Another woman who lives in the complex said she tried to get the man out of the house, but the flames were too much.

"I tried to open the gate when I heard the explosion," said Adriana. "That's when I ran back and told other people 'run, run.'"

The Phoenix fire and police departments are actively trying to determine what caused the fire and the victim's death.





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