DPS officers crack down on 'Move Over' law in Arizona

PHOENIX - If you see a car pulled over or broken down on the side of the road, you better move over because starting now, officers with the Arizona Department of Public Safety are launching a major crackdown.

DPS spokesman Carrick Cook said officers will be focusing on enforcing the so called "Move Over" law this year.

"We've lost several officers over the years and that's not the only reason this is increasingly relevant. This is a problem that affects everybody," said Cook.

Nationwide statistics back up Cook's claim.

On average, one law enforcement officer, five tow truck drivers and 23 highway workers are killed every month by drivers who don't pull over.

Under Arizona law, drivers are required to move over for any vehicle that is on the side of the road. That includes, police and fire vehicles, tow truck drivers, highway workers and even stranded motorists.

Cook said DPS officers will write tickets for violations. On average, that ticket will cost you around $160.

You can read more about the law on www.azdps.gov.

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