Doug Parker: US Airways to keep major presence in Arizona

PHOENIX - US Airways plans to stay committed to Arizona, according to CEO Doug Parker.

Parker, who will lead the company that emerges from the combing of American Airlines and US Airways, says a large number of resources will remain in Arizona. Planes, employees, managers and more will continue to operate out of Sky Harbor, but how many are up in the air.

The $11 billion transition to merge the massive American Airlines and US Airways will likely take around two years.

In the long run, Parker says this merger will be good for Arizona, despite the company moving its major business operation and headquarters out to Fort Worth, Texas.

"Phoenix is extremely important," Parker said. "The challenge is making sure we integrate as efficiently as possible, as seamlessly as possible. We learned a lot through our America West, US Airways integration. I can't say for certain that there won't be bumps along the way, but I know what we have is a team that knows how to do this."

On Wall Street Thursday, US Airways' stock value dropped 5% after the announcement. It's a sign many investors, businesses and others are nervous about how smooth the airline merger will play out.

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