Diamondbacks say a job offer still stands for NFL hopeful wrongfully convicted of rape

PHOENIX - The story of Brian Banks is one of pain, perseverance and promise.

To play in the NFL has been a dream for Banks and his family.

For the first time, Banks' mother got to see her son play during a preseason game with the Atlanta Falcons Thursday night.

But Banks almost never made it here.

He was a high school standout, recruited heavily by major colleges.

But he ended up spending his college years in prison and on probation after being wrongfully convicted of rape... until an emotional court hearing last year when a judge threw out his conviction after his accuser admitted she lied.

Then came another twist in his life. An unexpected offer from Arizona.

"After it did come out he was exonerated, I felt we should be in contact with him because his life had been turned upside down," said Derrick Hall, President and CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

A year ago, Hall offered Banks a job if his dream of making it onto an NFL team did not work out.

Six months ago, the two met at Chase Field. Banks showed up wearing a shirt that said "XONR8" which stands for exonerate.

"He deserves a second chance and it's been proven that he really did nothing wrong and he lost a major portion of his adult life - a very important part where you start to shape who you are and you have goals and a direction of what you want to do in a career path," said Hall.

Banks just learned the Falcons released him from the team as part of mandatory cuts to its roster.

But the job offer still stands with the Diamondbacks.

Hall feels Banks would be a good fit for a sales or community affairs position.

No word if Banks will take a swing at a new pro sport.

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