Debra Milke update: Ex-husband speaks out about her release and life since son was killed

PHOENIX - Arizona Milke is in pain every day. He said knowing his son was murdered 24 years ago, shot three times in the back of the head in the Arizona desert, is unbearable.

"He was the best thing in my life. Four years in heaven with him is worth the balance in my 52 years in hell," Arizona said.

He was in court all but one day when his ex-wife, Debra Milke, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

"She's a sociopath, plain and simple," he said.

Arizona said he will always be sorry he didn't get to see his little boy grow up and see the man he would have become.

"He'd be 27 and next month he'd be 28. The same age I was when he died," Arizona said.

As Arizona waits for the retrial he said his biggest fear is the outcome.

"Do you think Debra will walk?" I asked.

"If Arizona has their way, yeah," he said.

Arizona said he will be in court every day for the retrial.




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