Customers can now see approximate wait times for Arizona's MVD offices

PHOENIX - Customers will now be able to see approximate wait times at the Motor Vehicle Division offices in Arizona online via the Arizona Department of Transportation website, according to ADOT officials.

The new online tracker will show the number of customers waiting in line at the MVD for driver's license and title transactions, and customers will be given approximate wait times in order to plan their visits. These times will be updated every five minutes, according to ADOT.

On average, customers wait at the MVD anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, ADOT says. They also say that the wait times customers see online are just estimates and could vary  depending on volume and staffing.

This feature is the latest in a move by ADOT to improve customer service – wait times have been cut, systems upgraded and offices remodeled, they say.

To view the online tracker, customers should go to the ADOT website.

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