Councilman Sal DiCiccio not happy with Homeland Security surveillance at ASU games

Councilman Sal DiCiccio can't wait for game days at Arizona State University.

"You know when it comes to Pac-12 games, well, I mean I can talk anything you want…well.. .football…I love it!" said DiCiccio.

But while he was tailgating at last Saturday's USC-ASU game, he saw something that really bothered him.

"We saw a white truck mounted with a camera on the back and it just had this big head on it," said DiCiccio.

ASU tells ABC15 the truck at the game was part of a multijurisdictional operation with the Phoenix Police Department's Homeland Security Team.

It was mean to monitor the event, not target specific groups. For security purposes, ASU could not disclose the reason for the operation.

That didn't sit well with DiCiccio, who stated on his Facebook page, "Everyone wants to be safe, but having a video of people doing normal things is out of line."

"The question is why was the Phoenix Police Department videotaping tailgaters doing what normal citizens do," said DiCiccio.

Speaking to a group of reporters at Chase Field Wednesday, Mayor Greg Stanton said he fully supported the operation.

"Sadly this is the reality in which we deal with. No one thought there would be a tragedy at the Boston Marathon, tragically there was," said Stanton.

DiCiccio wasn't buying the Mayor's response.

"The Mayor's response is incredibly lame. That's not from a leader, that's from somebody who says there's nothing they can do about it. That's not true," said DiCiccio.



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