Child's mementoes stolen from Valley mom

PHOENIX - A family who just moved to our state from Alaska received a terrible welcoming from thieves.

Someone stole the Aldeguer family's most sentimental belongings, including their son's treasured baby book.

Amber Aldeguer's husband was the first to discover the burglary at the Cube Smart storage location where the family kept their belongings.

"When he got there, he realized it had been ransacked," Amber said. "Everything was open and gone through. Packaging materials, clothes just kind of thrown all over the unit."

Amber told ABC 15 their losses to the thieves were staggering.

"We shipped 62 boxes. There are less than 20 left."

Nearly everything the Aldeguer's owned was in those 62 boxes sitting in the storage unit, including a collection of more than 900 DVDs and 130 video games. They were keeping their moving boxes at the Cube Smart near 43rd Avenue and McDowell in Phoenix while they searched for a permanent place to live.

"Your heart sinks. Your heart stops. They took a lot of valuable stuff," said Amber.

Most of what was taken is replaceable, but there are a few things that came from her 4-year-old son that are priceless.

"I want his baby book back. I want those memories. I want his first steps. I want his lock of hair that I cut. I want the first food he tried, his hospital bracelets, his ultrasounds, and the picture from our birthing class; I want all that stuff back."

To that, Amber has this plea for the burglars who stole her family's most personal items: "I don't understand what possesses people to do such things, but if you have it in your heart, no questions asked, I just want the personal stuff back."

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