Chicanos por la Causa helps Valley couple start business

PHOENIX - When you see a crowd of people standing around a critical response team truck, you might think there is some sort of emergency.

"Back in Oregon, this was a SWAT team truck," says Lori Campbell, one of the owners.

But the only emergency here, is extreme hunger.

"Who's been waiting the longest for a Cubano?" Lori yells to the gathering crowd around the Comfort Cravings gourmet food truck.

"We've been open for about a week and a half," Matt Nosel, the other owner of the food truck.

"It's sort of re-imagined comfort foods," explains Lori.

New to the food truck business, owners Matt and Lori are food industry vets.

"We've sort of fell in love with the food trucks, so we decided why not give it a shot, make our own?" says Matt.

Achieving their dream turned out to be tougher than they thought, that's where Prestamos comes in.

"They wanted to start their own thing, so they came to us with the hopeful wish that we would be able to finance them to purchase their truck," says Teresa Miranda, of Chicanos por la Causa.

Prestamos is a Chicanos por la Causa agency that makes small business loans.

"We always look at the community and we want to keep our economy growing, and we always want to create jobs. So every time we fund a loan, we create jobs or we retain jobs and that's important for the economy, creating new jobs," says Teresa.

Matt says Prestamos has their best interest in mind, and that means everything to the small business owner.

They were kind of looking past the numbers and more into us and how passionate we were in the business, and that kind of helped a lot," says Matt.

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