Cesar Chavez High School shooting prompts tighter security

PHOENIX - If feels very different at Cesar Chavez High School after the school was shaken up by a shooting scare.

Three days later, students, parents and fans are met by new security procedures that they can expect to continue at school sporting events well after basketball season ends. 

The school will now only open the main gate to fans where you'll have to pass a metal detector wand.

Bags are checked by security for weapons and students have to flash their school ID so school officials can have a better idea of who they're letting on to campus.

You have to pass through an identical set up a second time at the door to the gym.

There's also a police officer stationed with campus security at both check points.

Phoenix Union School District spokesman Craig Pletenik says it's a sad reality, but sends a message about how seriously they take school safety.

"We're not gonna stand for it for one, and two, we're not gonna sit around and do nothing, we're gonna tighten things up," said Pletenik.

Some parents and family members said the metal detectors are a minor inconvenience that brings peace of mind.

"Shootings have been happening across the country, it's scary that it would touch this close to home," said Erika Cantu who showed up at Cesar Chavez Monday night to watch her sister play the Westview Knights.

Phoenix police haven't made any arrests since the shooting Friday.

The school doesn't believe its students were involved and that this was gang violence spilling onto campus.

The school is hosting a community meeting to talk about it, Wednesday night at 6 p.m., at the school auditorium near 41st Avenue and Baseline Road.

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