Cesar Chavez High School shooting: Parents demand answers after shooting disrupts high school game

PHOENIX - Concerned parents demanded answers from City and school officials Wednesday night, a week after gunfire disrupted a Phoenix high school basketball game. And City officials tried to provide those answers, while leaving others unanswered.

"Why does my son not feel safe? What do I tell him?" one parent asked the officials. "Who are the gangs? Where are they? And what do we need to know as parents?" asked another.

Phoenix police said the investigation is on-going, but they believe the shooting was gang-related. They also revealed that police have identified "persons of interest" connected to the shooting, but didn't provide further details.

Other parents expressed concern with the frantic scene inside the gym after the gunshots were heard. Cell phone video shows students running in various directions, some screaming, and others urging their friends to get out of the building.

"They could've got trampled, not even shot, just the way it was handled," said another parent.

The City of Phoenix announced that they will be providing funding to hire an additional 15 school resource officers for the Phoenix Union High School District. Although it was not clear where the funding is coming from.

School officials said they will practice safety drills both in the classroom and during after-school events.

They also told parents about nextdoor.com, which is a private social network for neighborhoods. It allows house holds to share safety information and concerns with one another.

Officials also told parents and students to school officials if they hear any talk of potential violence or threats surrounding a school or students.

Since last week's shooting near 41st Avenue and Baseline Roads, officials have increased security at school sporting events. Students are required to show their ID, spectators have to pass a metal wand test, and then get bags searched by officials.


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