Burglars hit Phoenix home, steal presents

PHOENIX, AZ - A Phoenix family is scrambling to figure out Christmas for their family of more than 20 kids and grandkids after burglars hit their north Phoenix home.

Tim and Maureen Searles just moved to the Valley but Sunday night came home last night to find their home completely ransacked.

The Searles had already bought Christmas presents for their seven kids, and all 16 of their grandchildren.

The burglars took most of the kids' presents and, sadly, that's not all.

The thieves also got away with two laptops, an Amazon Kindle, passports, checkbooks, a green card and some very expensive jewelry.

All told, the Searles figure they lost more than $15,000 worth of their belongings.

Not that there's a good time for a burglary but the Searles tell ABC15 it's especially difficult so close to Christmas.

"She's excited that she's got stuff for the grandkids and they take it so they basically take her joy," Tim Searles said.

"It hurts," said Maureen Searles. "Truthfully, I feel sorry for them. They're going to be ducking and looking behind their backs for the rest of their lives because of this type of lifestyle."

The Searles do have a few presents left and some food in the kitchen and say they'll make do on Christmas with what the thieves left behind.

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